Product Review: Glutino Toaster Pastries!

toaster pastries

Guess what Glutino is making now??

That’s right…toaster pastries! Most of us probably call them Pop-Tarts (I better trademark that) and some of us might even miss them. There are plenty of recipes out there for toaster pastries that you can make yourself, but isn’t it nice if you just want one in the morning that you don’t have to go milk the coconut or harvest the millet for flour?

I say, Thank you, Glutino!

Onto the review: I found these little gems at a nearby Neighborhood Wal-Mart store (Wal-Mart’s attempt at a grocery store without all the Wal-Marty things bulking up the aisles). They had two varieties: Apple Cinnamon and Strawberry. Yum!

Once upon a time, being a lover of strawberry Pop-tarts, I bought the strawberry kind for $3.98 for a box of five individually-wrapped pastries. These are sort of the grown-up version with no icing and only one per pack (because I guess adults don’t really need two?). I got them to the car and had to have one right there. I opened the package and a nice light, strawberry fragrance arose. Breaking off a chunk, I could see a generous amount of filling (I’ve had a few gluten-free things that forget to put enough stuff in the middle!). I bit in. Yum! The strawberry flavor made a nice impact and the pastry itself was tender, flaky and tasty, not dry or grainy. Impressive! I decided to follow Glutino’s lead and only have the one. Pop-tarts kinda make you want to eat them both, just ‘cuz.

The big noticeable difference – besides the obvious wheat and dairy effect I normally experience should I think about eating a Pop-tart – is that there was no residue in my mouth. Does anyone remember this? When you would eat a Pop-tart, there would be this sort of film left in your mouth, presumably from the partially-hydrogenated oils. Processed hand pies do the same thing. Never really enjoyed that. Who would? Well, there’s no hydrogenated nuthin’ in these babies! They were really good!

The next day, I wanted to test the toaster part of the “toaster pastry” and see how they fare. I toasted one up (yes, still keeping to the one per package maximum) and it toasted really well. Golden brown, intensifying the strawberry filling and maximizing the happy eating experience. I have to say though, I kinda wanted to add a drizzle of icing on top to take me back to when I was ten. I might next time, though! I do have three more!

Nope. Now, there are two. :)

Kudos to Glutino for making a really wonderful product when you just don’t want to make them yourself.

Happy eating,

Michelle (Toaster Pastry Tester)

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  1. Marla says:

    Yay! Thanks, Michelle, for sacrificing yourself so that we might all know the joy of toaster pastries. Eco-Planet has a frosted one but apparently the frosting catches FIRE in the toaster. Yikes! And I hear they’re not very good, anyway. Looking forward to trying these!

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